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Reneegfaucher about 1 month ago

Chinese Breakfast

I think this is the best comfort food around! It is warm on a cold day and great for hangovers. The pork belly makes your mouth water. Can't say enough! Fantastic

Sarah about 2 months ago

Crispy Eggplant Fries

Insanely amazing. Best Sichuan eggplant - so flavorful. Everything on Steinbeck's menu is incredible. Great craft beer, great wine selection, cool dive spot. I'm an Atlanta native and Steinbeck's is one of my favorite places in Atlanta. It's absolutely a hidden gem.

Bixlerdesign about 2 months ago

Confit Turkey Thigh

Steinbecks is our favorite neighborhood bar! All of the food is elevated. Wings, Chinese breakfast everything is awesome really. Plus a proper pour of Guniness and great cocktails. Can be be beat in town. Lucky to live close by.

Smarder101 3 months ago

Chinese Breakfast

We have been to Steinbecks numerous times but not one time too many. The atmosphere and the staff are always awesome and the food is great. I've had the Chinese Breakfast several times because it's so good, it was difficult to order anything else. Although the crispy eggplant fries are a good follow up. I'm looking forward to the next time we can get over there.

Alfd63 3 months ago

The Tower of Power (Hamburger)

This burger is to die for! It is the best in Oakhurst for sure. I love the eclectic menu at Steinbeck's that makes sure my stomach is never bored.

Lahcot 4 months ago

Crispy Eggplant Fries

Perfectly fried eggplant with chili crisp and cilantro. This is our fave appetizer at Steinbeck's.

Moedavis81 5 months ago

Kung Pao Smoked Brisket

Never had brisket with kung pao sauce, my favorite sauce mixed with my favorite type of cooked meat the best combo I've had. To be honest i really did not think these two would mix, i was nervous about ordering but the staff convinced me it was a good choice, at the end I'm glad that i made the right dish choice. Good job Steinbecks!

Lpitts30030 5 months ago

Crispy Eggplant Fries

I try to mix it up whenever I head into Steinbecks, trying the whole menu and whatever amazing specials are available. My one go to for an app or a side are the crispy eggplant fries. They melt in your friggin mouth. I love to sop up the chili oil on the plate with them till they're all gone, which takes about 3 minutes. Pro tip: order them as a sub for regular fries for a small upcharge.

Ptsharp26 5 months ago

House Smoked Wings

This is my favorite pub in Atlanta. The food is excellent with unique options in addition to their staples, the beer selection is constantly updated and well crafted, but the staff is the reason I return time and time again.

Sue 5 months ago

Umami Fries

So. These fries. Ordered on a whim...I wasn't planning on ordering fries but the pleasure of being able to say "Umami" out loud was too much. Plus there was bacon on these fries. And spicy mayo. And they were the best thing I have eaten in a really long time and perfectly complimented by Bloody Mary (also delicious). I did not want to share but I was forced to. So I did what needed to be done. I ordered another plate of them. Umami Fries Forever.

Cknahmias 5 months ago

Chinese Breakfast

Quite simply one of my favorite dishes anywhere. Perfect blend of flavors and textures. Pro tip: eat half and save the rest for breakfast.

Rusty 5 months ago

The Tower of Power (Hamburger)

This is my favorite Burger, our favorite place for Brunch (the Bloody Marys will happily lead you to Sunday napping), my favorite Beer List, and Andy always blows us away with fresh, inventive menus!

Melanie about 1 month ago

The Tower of Power (Hamburger)

My favorite burger in the city!!! So flavorful and delicious. But everything is fabulous - this place is a gem!!

Dmmartens91 about 2 months ago

The Tower of Power (Hamburger)

First of all, I did try the tower of power and it's amazing. The million island sauce is much better than any thousand island. In addition, I saw the remainder of the food items on the menu... and will try them. The food is unique and all the sauces added to the entrees have an almost Asian style twist to them adding additional flavor. The beer menu is great and the so is the whiskey and scotch choices.

Cpresto11 2 months ago

Chinese Breakfast

Absolutely love this and other rice dishes at Steinbeck's. I've had this at last 3 times in the past month and don't think I'll ever get sick of it! The service and stay a while attitude by staff and design of store all adds to the cozy feel and food!

Jcanty93 3 months ago

Confit Turkey Thigh

Food was delicious! The chicken thigh was cooked just right. And the curry sauce w/the tasty things was the icing on the cake. I would definitely order it again.

Graycamp8 4 months ago

The Darwin: Fried Chicken Sammy

The Darwin is my local-staple-sandwich that I missed most while out of town for a month and a half. Everything is delicious at Steinbeck's, but that sandwich holds a piece of my heart that aches when we're separated for too long. Thanks be to God that I am home and able to make my weekly pilgrimage.

Sonja 4 months ago

Umami Fries

WOW yall! I am always quite on the lookout for some delicious fries with generous toppings and this definitely was the best fries app I've had in the Greater ATL area. Mayo is always a must for a good fry IMO, but their spicy version with thick sweet bacon and spices was off the chain.

Kyle 5 months ago

Umami Fries

Oh my goodness. Where do I even begin. This is a an absolute must-have to share over beers. Unbelievable price for how great this app cannot miss this life-changing combination of flavors.

Keiran 5 months ago

Veggie Plate

Not gonna lie. I'm a bonafide carnivore but this Veggie Plate it simply delicious. Fresh and very tasty. We get it every time.

Cgriff22 5 months ago

Sauteed Udon Noodles

These noodles are excellent and filling. The service here is remarkable with a great selection of local beer and full bar. Sometimes hosts really cool events that are a must.

Smsetnor 5 months ago

Umami Fries

Steinbeck's has become our hands-down favorite place to go in Atlanta. The food is consistently great but the service is always outstanding. I hesitate to call it service because the atmosphere is so laid back it almost feels like you're hanging a friend's party as everyone is so incredibly kind and welcoming. Our go-to food has been the Umami Fries, which is a perfect mix of spicy, salty, and savory. I love stopping in for a pint and bringing them home. Walking in the door at home with Umami Fries in tow is the Oakhurst equivalent to ancient man bringing home food from the hunt.

Bthodnett 5 months ago

Chinese Breakfast

I try to have this dish as much as possible. The only thing that slows me down is the YOOJ Burger!

Ryan 5 months ago

Chinese Breakfast

Best pub around. It really doesn't matter what you order because it's all delicious and the beer selection is always on point. Andy, Marshall, Jimmy, and Logan...-Thank you! - Ryan Florence


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